Sufjan Stevens Writes Another Pretty Song About Another Ugly Thing

Photo: Rahav Segev / Retna

1. Sufjan Stevens, "The BQE (Part 6)"
Stevens impresses again with the sixth movement from his orchestral tribute to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, which was likely even more difficult to write than that pretty song of his about John Wayne Gacy. [Hypeful]

2. Lil Wayne, "Get Too Comfortable"
Wayne's upcoming Carter III is now officially leakier than Frank Gehry's Stata Building at MIT. Luckily, with these radio-ready beats and Babyface singing the hook, it's doubtful he'll face any lawsuits over design flaws. [Both Sides of the Mouth]

3. Stina Nordenstam, "Purple Rain"
The winsome Swede covers Prince. She can probably expect to hear from his lawyers any minute now. [My Own Music Industry]

4. St. Vincent, "These Days" (Jackson Browne cover)
The vaguely creepy chanteuse manages to be vaguely creepy even while covering Jackson Browne. Amazing! [You Ain't No Picasso]

5. Final Fantasy, "This Modern Love"
Everyone's favorite violinist (or at least Arcade Fire's) plays a restrained, mannered cover of the Bloc Party hit. Restrained, that is, until he starts singing. [Hate Something Beautiful]
—Ehren Gresehover