The New Pornographers Get a Yacht-Rock Tribute

As a clever way of promoting their new album, Challengers, the Canadian indie-rock supergroup the New Pornographers have been issuing challenges (get it?) to their fans via YouTube. The second contest involved fans singing the band's songs in the style of Yacht Rock legend Michael McDonald. Though many of the competing clips had their charms, no one came close to matching the winning entry by some dude called "dancebuffet." Not only does he do a spot-on impression of McDonald in a funny, well-executed music video, but he's managed to record a mash-up of the New Pornographers' "It's Only Divine Right" and the Doobie Brothers' classic "What a Fool Believes" that is so effortless and smooth that it makes the original from 2003's Electric Version retroactively sound like an ironic mall-punk cover version. —Matthew Perpetua