Next Year's Sundance Film Festival Lineup Just As Depressing As This Year's

A still from . Photo: Courtesy of Sundance

If you were planning on attending the Sundance Film Festival but had some reservations about sitting through yet another batch of miserable indie flicks and vitriolic documentaries, you're in luck because according to the New York Times, the organizers are promising this year's program to be the most inspirational, optimistic, and Oprah-tastic collection of films in the festival's history. We're going to have to take their word for it though, because virtually all of the films mentioned in the article sound like major downers. Either that, or they actually believe that adaptations of Chuck Palahniuk novels (Choke) and documentaries about slave traders (Traces of the Trade: A Story From the Deep North) and gang-rape survivors (Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo) stand a chance of being cheerful and uplifting. We're cautiously pessimistic.

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