Trent Reznor Has Impeccable Taste in Websites

Trent Reznor checks Vulture to make sure his latest album hasn't leaked. Photo: Photo Illustration: Everett Bogue; (Reznor)

Vulture's recent Q&A with Trent Reznor and Saul Williams has received a fair bit of attention on the blogosphere these past couple of days, much of it due to the fact that in it Reznor outs himself as a former frequent visitor of OiNK, the sadly defunct music-downloading Website. So far our interview has been "dugg" in excess of 2,700 times, and a Torrent Freak article about our story is close behind with 2,400 diggs. But last night, we got what might just be our coolest incoming link so far — one from Reznor himself on the official Nine Inch Nails blog! Trent reads our Website! The 15-year old version of one of your Vulture editors is having heart palpitations.

Tonight's the night! []

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