Week in Review: This Headline Was Written by Non-Union Labor

Photo: Courtesy of ABC, nin.com, Universal, and WireImage

Looking back on a week in which we made some new fans

Trent Reznor came out as a file-sharer. We just hope he didn't download the new Eagles album.

Southland Tales was just as baffling as we expected, though it probably makes better sense than Terry Gilliam's latest project.

Writers are on strike, which means the fall TV season might get even worse.

The Heroes spinoff has already been axed — can The Office spinoff be far behind?

God, we're sick of Bee Movie. (But not Matthew Broderick!)

Kid Nation drove us to drink. So did Billy Joel's classical album.

Wayne Coyne was finally recognized for his achievements in being Wayne Coyne.

That's all from us this week. Go forth and save Cavemen!