Week in Review: Who Knew Writers Were So Important?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC, AP, Paramount Vantage, Dreamworks, and Ben Kawaller

Looking back on a week in which we entered the Strike Zone

As predicted, the WGA went on strike. Who was the first scab? Not Tina Fey.

Picketers in Hollywood had way more fun than the ones in Long Island City.

Zoe Kazan's frank discussion of her nude scenes almost certainly helped Vulture's Google rank. Thanks, Zoe!

Javier Bardem got a bad haircut and made our list of the Seven Best Movie Weapons of 2007.

Tim Kring apologized for making Heroes so crappy this season, then planned his exit strategy.

Hollywood declared war on Christmas. If it wins, maybe Philip Pullman can go back to his original marketing plan.