Who's Updating Creed's Blog While ‘The Office’ Writers Are on Strike?

Mood: Scabby Photo: Courtesy of nbc.com

Over at Fimoculous, Vulture buddy Rex Sorgatz asks a pretty interesting question: With the writers for The Office currently on strike, who's been blogging as Creed on NBC's official Website? The Writers Guild started picketing on November 5, and since then someone (or something!) has written three hilarious posts in the pervy, unmistakable voice of show character Creed Bratton. (We know someone's been updating Dwight Schrute-Space too, but we're not really concerned since that blog's not nearly as funny.)

Is it a show writer crossing picket lines? Were the new posts stockpiled in advance of the strike? (If so, why didn't they stockpile a few more new episodes while they were at it?) Is it Office actor Creed Bratton, unaware that he's not really his creepy, identically named character on the show? An NBC publicist hasn't yet returned our phone call, so we have absolutely no idea. But this much we can say for sure: Whoever is updating the blog — given the current rates at which WGA members are paid for Internet-only content — is probably not making much money doing it.

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