Art Collective Makes Shakespeare More Like ‘The Bachelor’

An image from Art Hijack's performance All You Need Is Love.
Photo credit: Carolina Gambin. Image courtesy of the artists and ISE Cultural Foundation, New York.

“In Pursuit: Art on Dating,” a new group exhibition at Soho’s small but curatorially interesting ISE Cultural Foundation, tackles dating in the 21st century (i.e., MySpace, Facebook, JDate, eHarmony, random encounters on the subway, I Love New York, etc.). Collective Art Hijack performed their All You Need Is Love at the center Tuesday, and above is a photo from a previous performance. This riff on Romeo and Juliet suggests that in our day and age there would be three Juliets to one Romeo — sort of a Shakespeare–does–The Bachelor. Live. Could get interesting. “In Pursuit” is up at ISE through January 11. —Rachel Wolff