At the Nadir of His Career, Jason Bateman Would Have Accepted a Role in Your School Play

Photo: Getty Images

"I would have done a show half as good as Arrested Development. Things were few and far between. I didn't give a shit at the time. I just got really lucky." Jason Bateman [Guardian]

"What they're doing, in terms of the way they approach filmmaking — the way I see it is, it's Hollywood the way God intended it." Guillermo Del Toro, not averse to flattering Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh if it helps him land The Hobbit [EW]

"As long as we're on the charts. Any chart will do." Don Henley on the Eagles' strong showing on Billboard's country-album charts [AP]

"I said to (director) Jon Turteltaub at the end of the day that that was the best day of my professional life." Helen Mirren on shooting a scene in National Treasure: Book of Secrets in which she had to swing on a vine [AP]

"It feels like I played tennis with Roger Federer." Paul Thomas Anderson on working with Daniel Day-Lewis [AP]

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