Crowd Revolts at Hall & Oates Holiday Show

A sniper's-eye view. Photo: Elizabeth Black

When Hall & Oates, touring in support of their 2006 album Home for Christmas, launched into the first night of their two-day run at the Beacon Theater with “The First Noel,” the audience was into it. Ladies in the next row over from us seemed about ready to toss their underwear onstage as the King of Israel was born. But after about five such holiday songs, restlessness set in. There were screams for “Maneater.” Suburbanites loudly threatened to catch the next train out of Penn Station if they heard one more carol. And that wasn't the worst of it: Half of the balcony booed when Daryl Hall asked if we were feeling the holiday spirit. Much of the audience came purely for the greatest hits, and they weren't afraid to shit on Hall, Oates, or baby Jesus to get it. When the band did start delivering the classics, the crowd warmed right up, doing a “Private Eyes” — CLAP! — “are watching you” — CLAP CLAP! — sing-along and pumping their fists to “Rich Girl.” The band, possibly out of spite, did not play “Maneater.” —Elizabeth Black