David Letterman's Writers Make the Best Case Yet That TV Writers Don't Deserve Extra for Internet Work

Photo: Courtesy of lateshowwritersonstrike.com

Over at the Late Show Writers on Strike blog, a bunch of Letterman's striking writers are telling a bunch of unfunny jokes and posting lame-ass videos on a Website that — but for the YouTube — seems imported directly from our college UNIX server, circa 1997. We tried imagining Dave reading the jokes, right down to the organ sting from Shaffer after each punch line, but it still isn't funny. Some choice gags:

"My youngest daughter turns one in just a few weeks. She has been making sounds for a while now, but today, I'm thrilled to say, she said her first word: RESIDUALS."

"The writers have the overwhelming support of the public and the Democratic presidential candidates, while the producers have the backing of that cat who keeps flushing the toilet on YouTube."

"55% [of Americans] think 'residuals' are painful things that form in your kidneys."

We can imagine Dave's pained grin now. "In your kidneys," he'd repeat, and then introduce the next guest.

Late Show Writers On Strike Blog [Official site]