Fall Out Boy Guitarist Claims He Doesn't Associate With Douche Bags

Joe Trohman, third from the left. Photo: WireImage

"We don't have any 'pals' that gossip to the tabloids over our business. Those kind of folk are called douchebags, and we don't fraternize with douchebags." —Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman [E! via Yahoo]

"As I embark on this new chapter in my career, I know that I have found in Guy Oseary someone who is aligned with my interests and who has earned a lot of respect in the entertainment industry." —Yankee Alex Rodriguez on his new rep, Oseary, who also manages Lenny Kravitz, David Blaine, and Ashton Kutcher [Variety]

"I'd never seen a performer like that before. I was very impressed with his ability to access the character and stay in the moment. I actually asked him, 'How do you do that?' He didn't know what the fuck I was talking about." Ellen Cleghorne reminiscing on Chris Farley, on the tenth anniversary of his death [NYP]

"Of course, my show will not be as good. In fact, in moments it may very well be terrible." Conan O'Brien on returning to work without his writers [Newsday]

"Kindness is much more important than wisdom. To be in power and to be kind is really crucial, because it's easy not to be. People will still kiss your ass, but that's not what life is about, ultimately." Marc Forster, director of Kite Runner [Reuters via Yahoo]
—Stan Park