‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ Trailer: There's Something About Judd Apatow

Tagline: "From the guys who brought you The 40-Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up…"

Translation: Despite all evidence to the contrary, you must remember that Judd Apatow is totally responsible for the production of this movie.

Verdict: Watching the just-released trailer for next May's Sarah Marshall, we can't help but wonder how it's possible that it doesn't star Ben Stiller. Jason Segel, probably the least charismatic actor in Apatow's arsenal, plays Peter, the recently dumped boyfriend of the titular Sarah (Kristen Bell). He takes a vacation to Oahu, only to find himself sharing the island with Sarah and her new boyfriend, the Devendra Banhart–like Aldous (British comedian Russell Brand). High jinks ensue, obviously, and someone is probably hit in the groin and tells a few semen jokes. If anyone can breath new life back into the romantic-stalker-gross-out-vacation-comedy genre — which hasn't worked since There's Something About Mary — it's Judd Apatow, but we're not getting our hopes up.