Grand Theft Auto IV Will Finally Let Us Enjoy New York the Way It Was Intended

We don't usually cover video games on Vulture, but for next spring's Grand Theft Auto IV, we may need to make an exception. First, it looks totally awesome and will likely be the only entertaining thing released between Cloverfield and Harold & Kumar 2 in 2008 (thanks writers' strike!). More important, though, it takes place in this very city! In the just-released new trailer, the game's protagonist arrives from "the Old Country" and sets to work building his own crime empire — but that's not what we plan on doing! GTA IV promises to let players move freely about midtown Manhattan (it's a video game, it doesn't need to be realistic) and do pretty much anything, legal or not. Speed through the Great Lawn in a car? Kick tourists in Times Square? Pilot a helicopter through MoMA? Yes, yes, and yes!

GRAND THEFT AUTO IV [Official site]