Guillermo Del Toro Has a Richer-Than-Usual Fantasy Life

Guillermo Del Toro Photo: Getty Images

"The first one was very pulp with Nazis and undead monks. The second one is more of a fantasy." Guillermo Del Toro on the differences between the first and second Hellboy movies [NYP]

"I'm not, never was, never will be. I belong to the religion of the Church of Chaka Khan, and I practice it every day." Chaka Khan on her ties to the church of Scientology [NYT]

"It's fun, although your eye line keeps shifting." Alan Rickman on filming the Harry Potter movies [Hartford Courant]

"There's very little in this movie that needs to be there for the story." Jake Kasdan on Walk Hard [A.V. Club]

"What does he have against 'Gunsmoke,' anyway?" —New Law & Order cast member Jeremy Sisto on Dick Wolf's aim to break Gunsmoke's record as longest-running prime-time drama [LAT]