‘Harold & Kumar 2’ Trailer: Finally, Hollywood Takes On Guantánamo Bay

Tagline: "Harold & Kumar are back. And this time, they're fucked!"

Translation: Harold & Kumar are back. And this time, America's flagrant violation of international human-rights law is fucked!

The verdict: This very NSFW red-band trailer for Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay may be a masterpiece of smutty pothead fun — we particularly like the White Castle burger superimposed over that lady's hoo-hah — but we also think it's more. The sequel to the greatest movie ever about an Indian guy and a Korean guy with the munchies follows our heroes on an ill-fated flight to Amsterdam — one that lands them in Gitmo when fellow passengers mistake them for terrorists. Could Harold and Kumar be the first American movie characters to take on the thorny question of Guantánamo Bay? Could Harold & Kumar 2 spur a public outcry, leading to the Feds shutting Gitmo down? Could this saga end with Kal Penn and John Cho invited to the White House? Probably so, and we get a sneak preview at the end of the trailer, when the boys parachute into the president's Texas ranch and smoke a bowl with Dubya.