Mindy Kaling Is Supporting the Strike in Her Own Way

Photo: Getty Images

"I'm boycotting tv shows who show people lighting MORE THAN THREE CANDLES IN A ROOM AT A TIME. It's just dangerous." Mindy Kaling [Things I've Bought that I Love]

"Wu-Tang keep it fresh like Tupperware." Inspectah Deck on the group's unexpectedly hip new album [Rolling Stone]

"If it wasn't worth doing … what's that old saying? Know … everything … good? Ah, whatever, just Google it." Jason Sudekis, dispensing with conventional wisdom [The Apiary]

"We said we'd give each other a high-five, say 'Happy 10th' and keep moving." Will Smith, unwilling to let something as prosaic as a wedding anniversary get in the way of his busy schedule [USAT]

"I wanted some of Lynette's kids to die. They're all lovely little actors, but there's such anticipation." Felicity Huffman on what she hopes the future holds for her Desperate Housewives character [Page Six]