Naked Guy Makes It Rain at Ted Leo Show

Leo in Atlanta this summer, where presumably, no one showed his wang. Photo: Robb D. Cohen / Retna

Nice guy Ted Leo got a bit more — or was it less? — than he bargained for at his Music Hall of Williamsburg show last night. It all started as the Pharmacists launched into “Colleen,” and a fan threw a shawl up onstage. (“Is this a smock?“ Leo asked. “Should I do watercolors?”) And then things got significantly more naked. Leo noticed a guy in the crowd with no shirt on. Fair enough. But when the singer mentioned the words “New” and “Jersey,” and the dude lit for the stage, where he was cordially offered a tambourine. Pounding away, he missed an offer to harmonize with Leo — and instead, like a rapper making it rain, tossed the money from his wallet into the crowd. And then took off his pants. It was only when he started beating his head with a microphone that security came to remove him — and he removed his boxers. Which also got tossed in the crowd. “That turned dark,” Leo observed dryly. We say that it wasn't dark enough … inside the venue, that is. —Michael D. Ayers

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