‘Nim's Island’ Trailer Includes a Special Guest Appearance By … ‘New York’?

Photo: Courtesy of Walden Media

This spring's family adventure Nim's Island stars Jodie Foster as children's-book author Alex Rover, who writes thrilling adventures but because of agoraphobia can't bring herself to leave the house. The movie looks pretty cute, playing little Abigail Breslin as an intrepid island-dweller off mousy yet superfamous Alex Rover. How famous is Alex Rover? So famous that the trailer opens with a lovely shot of Alex Rover's appearance on the cover of New York, an honor accorded to, we assume, no other children's-book author, like, ever. That said, they did a really nice job; we especially love the rooflines: "It Happened TO ME"! "Fight Back AND WIN"! They seem so real!

Nim's Island trailer [Yahoo! Movies]

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