Pittsburgh Slim Just Really Likes It When Girls Kiss Girls, That's All

Pittsburgh Slim Photo: WireImage

"I don't want to offend lesbians. I'm not saying I make girls kiss girls or that girls kiss girls for me. It's not about me — I'm just saying I like it when girls kiss girls." —Rapper Pittsburgh Slim on his Top 40 hit, "Girls Kiss Girls" [NYP]

"He really took something that could have been a stupid stoner action/comedy and made it a David Gordon Green movie, a beautiful and emotionally poignant movie. We didn't do that. He did that." Seth Rogen on the director of his upcoming stupid stoner action/comedy The Pineapple Express [MTV]

"Smear it. Because if you're a guy, you don't want your makeup to look perfect." Pete Wentz on applying his guyliner [All Things Considered]

"I've never tried karaoke. It scares the hell out of me. I've never been that drunk — and I've been drunk." Johnny Depp on being afraid of singing in Sweeney Todd [NYO]

"We linked up like beef sausage." Fabolous on his mixtape with DJ Drama [MTV]