‘Semi-Pro’ Trailer: Will Ferrell's Deleted Scenes Finally Find a Home

Tagline: "Jackie Moon is a player. Jackie Moon is a coach. Jackie Moon is an owner."

Translation: Also, Jackie Moon is Ricky Bobby, Ron Burgundy, and Chazz Michael Michaels.

The verdict: You know how the best part of any Will Ferrell movie is inevitably the blooper reel that runs during the final credits? Well, Hollywood has finally managed to craft an entire film out of just the hilarious outtakes from other Will Ferrell movies. Semi-Pro appears to be made mostly of rehearsal footage from Anchorman, along with a bear-wrestling scene that we could've sworn was on disc two of the Talladega Nights DVD. Toss in some deleted scenes from Blades of Glory (altered slightly with CGI so that they now take place on a basketball court) and you've got 2008's cheapest surefire blockbuster — and what could very well be Will Ferrell's best-ever movie. The part where he takes off his shoe and hits the guy with it made us crack up a lot.