‘Speed Racer’ Trailer: Louder! Faster! More Candy-Colored!

Tagline: "He's going to be the best … if they don't destroy him first."

Translation: The Wachowski Brothers have lost their freaking minds.

The verdict: From Bound to The Matrix to the one million Hugo Weavings fighting in the Matrix sequel, the Wachowski Brothers have never been afraid of excess. But their version of Saturday-morning-cartoon fave Speed Racer seems to break new boundaries in candy-colored insanity. The trailer features stars Emile Hirsch (!), John Goodman (!!), Susan Sarandon (!!!), and Christina Ricci (silence) wearing solid-color shirts against a backdrop of computer-generated buildings, Moebius-strip racetracks, and overall chaos. Could this blipvert of a movie be the first Hollywood film to cause anime-style epileptic seizures? We think so!