Spice Girl Mel B. Is Totally Ready for Music's Digital Future

Photo: Getty Images

"Who's Lee King?" Mel B. when asked her opinion on the Spice Girls' music leaking on the Internet [MTV]

"I've been reading stuff he's written online, and it was like, 'Wow, Trent doesn't give a fuck about any of this. Why should we?'" Pete Wentz, finding strength through Trent Reznor in dealing with Fall Out Boy's Grammy snub [MTV]

"Oh man, all that stuff was exaggerated, greatly exaggerated. I read the other day that I had three nervous breakdowns. I maybe had one little one. And that was through smoking, not overwork. But three breakdowns, I mean, come on!" Francis Ford Coppola on his well-publicized breakdowns during the filming of Apocalypse Now [Guardian]

"Paul Giamatti or Mark Hamill." Chris Elliott on who should play him in his biopic [Gothamist]

"If you thought like the studios … all you'd do is romantic comedies and car chase movies." John Cusack, star of Must Love Dogs and Con Air, on the possibility that his new movie, Grace Is Gone, might not do well at the box office [Reuters]
—Stan Park