Tattooed Screenwriter Diablo Cody Is Bloodied But Unbowed by Hollywood Blogs Like Us

Photo: Getty Images

In a funny, stiff-upper-lip message on her blog this morning, Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody responds to the Envelope's post about her exciting new tattoo. (And maybe ours too!) She points out that it "hurt like hell" to wake up to gossip about her marriage and confirms (as does the Jonny in question, in a later post) that there has been a split, and that it was amicable, but she still got a new tattoo because:

If your marriage was over, even if it was totally mutual, even if it was entirely peaceful, even if it was THE MOST AWESOMELY FRIENDLY DIVORCE OF ALL TIME, would you still be cool with waking up every day, glancing at your tricep, and seeing a painful reminder of something you're ostensibly supposed to be moving past?

She adds, "I guess we could have played the denial game, but you know what? Even I'm not that big of an industry whore." She finishes up by noting, "I'm sorry if anyone is disappointed in us. We're not disappointed in each other."

We're not disappointed in you, Diablo Cody! Sooner or later, we assume there will be backlash, but currently we still think you are awesome. WINO FOREVER!

Rosy. [The Pussy Ranch]

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