Tim Burton, of All People, Doesn't Like Sharp Things

Burton at last night's premiere.Photo: Getty Images

Tim Burton’s latest film, Sweeney Todd, revolves around the sanguinary antics of a vengeful barber (Johnny Depp). In many ways the new movie recalls a much earlier Burton-Depp collaboration with prominent blades, Edward Scissorhands, and when we saw the notoriously wild-maned director at last night's premiere, we wondered whether the key to his oeuvre wasn't a fear of haircuts.

Had he ever had a traumatizing barbershop experience? “Of course!” he told us. So many, in fact, that he couldn't pick out just one. “I just don’t like strange people touching me. You know, like, with a sharp instrument.” Really? Tim Burton is phobic about sharp things? We guess that's what gave him such a healthy respect for the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. —Ben Kawaller