Writers' Strike Means Awards Shows Could Be Even Worse Than Usual

Photo: Courtesy of HFPA

With the WGA strike now in its sixth week, Variety is wondering today about the fate of the upcoming awards shows. Not only will writers be unable to pen hilarious banter for the shows' hosts and presenters, networks are worried that celebrities might stay home in solidarity with the picketing writers, meaning the Oscars could be as boring and star-free as your average Independent Spirit Awards ceremony. So far, the WGA has granted a waiver for only January 27's Screen Actors Guild Awards (thanks to SAG's support for the strike), but let's be honest — who cares?

No matter what, TV networks will likely go ahead with all planned awards shows, since they're pretty much the only thing they'll be able to get people to watch in 2008. The Golden Globes are January 13, though, and if there aren't famous actors there, sitting at tables drinking, we'll probably find something else to do that night.

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