Anything Diddy Can Do, Snoop Dogg Can Do Better

Photo: Getty Images

"Right now, I got Puffy by a couple of notes. I think Puffy can just sing alto and tenor. But I can sing alto, tenor and soprano. I can sing any note." Snoop Dogg [MTV]

"I don't get a lot of romantic comedies." David Fincher on the projects that he isn't offered in Hollywood [MTV]

"There was a woman who came up to me after and said, 'I enjoyed this very much; what's it about?'" Michael McKean, who's currently starring in a revival of Harold Pinter's The Homecoming [Gothamist]

"Did I really do a record breaking 7 hours of stand up comedy last night at the Laugh Factory? True." Dane Cook, who recaptured his stand-up record from Dave Chappelle last week []

"Man, okay, when can I come in?" Dave Chappelle in a phone call to Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada the very next day [E! Online via Yahoo]