Ben Silverman Foresees the End of Ben Silverman

NBC wunderkind Ben Silverman has no misconceptions about his shelf life; he knows that, just as the lifeblood of TV ratings is the 18–45 demographic, so is 18–45 the natural lifespan of any TV executive. In an interview with TV Week, Silverman, after noting that he makes programming decisions based on what he likes, darkly declares, “I’m not going to be doing this job when I’m not in the demo.”

Say it ain't so, Ben! This means we have only seven more sweet years of Silvermania before you retire … or worse. We assume that at that bleak moment of soothsaying, the lights went low in Silverman's office, thunder rumbled outside, and a single tear crept down Silverman's tanned, perfect cheek. He stared for a long, silent moment out his window. Then he slapped his knees, shouted "Hell yeah! When does our Animalympics remake start shooting? High five!" Then he high-fived an assistant.

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