Ewan McGregor Got About As Much Out of The Island As You Did

Photo: Getty Images Entertainment

"I thought Scarlett was good in it and I had a good time working with her. And Djimon [Hounsou] was fucking gorgeous in it, and brilliantly mean in it and cool. And Michael Bay blew up a lot of shit in it." Ewan McGregor on The Island [EW]

"I thought: Wow, this cool, interesting character is having this midlife crisis from hell. I guess William H. Macy is busy." Bryan Cranston on his first reaction to reading the script for Breaking Bad [NYT]

"There's only a certain amount of ways that you can maim someone or kill someone before it just becomes boring." Darren Lynn Bousman, director of the last three Saw movies [NYP]

"We knew he was a delicate flower." —Smiths bassist Andy Rourke on Morrissey [NYP]

"I think it's more of a fear for straight men." Mitchell Lichtenstein, director of Teeth, on vagina dentata [LAT]