At Long Last, Some ‘Cloverfield’ Viral Marketing Worth Half a Damn

As a simple people who just want to see a huge monster eat Manhattan and stomp on some young professionals, we've certainly endured our share of nonsense from J.J. Abrams and the Cloverfield viral-marketing team. First, there was the nameless trailer, then Internet rumblings about some fake drink called Slusho, a bunch of boring, poorly designed Websites for nonexistent corporations, and an ongoing YouTube video series about a girl with a bladder infection, all ostensibly intended to promote a movie that any sensible human being would have wanted to see anyway, given a short description of its plot (a huge monster eats Manhattan!). But now with less than two weeks to go until Cloverfield's premiere, Abrams has finally decided to dispense with the tomfoolery and provide us with some hard-earned video footage of the monster knocking down an oil rig (offscreen, alas). Thanks, marketers!

Video Footage of Cloverfield Monster Destroying Chaui Station [/Film]