‘Get Smart’ Trailer: Steve Carell Returns As Steve Carell

Tagline: "In an age of global unrest, when control gives way to chaos, there's only one man to call … on his shoe."

Translation: Yep, it's the bumbling man-child character Steve Carell plays in The Office, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Evan Almighty, and now this movie.

The Verdict: Those currently in the throes of strike-induced Office withdrawal will probably want to mark June 20 on their calendar, as that's the day they can see Steve Carell playing Maxwell Smart, another high-functioning incompetent whose onscreen superiors never seem to check a résumé or call his references. We'd point out that Carell's shtick is getting pretty tired (and it is), but since our only two entertainment options for the next several months are American Idol and drinking, we're not really in a position to complain here. This trailer isn't very good, but watching Michael Scott blunder his way through a simple assignment or battle the fat, naked guy from Borat with a corded telephone is enough to make us nostalgic for those halcyon days in November 2007, before NBC ran out of new Office episodes. God, we hope they resolve the writers' strike soon so we can go back to not looking forward to this.