Harvey Weinstein Just Wants to Kiss and Make Up at Sundance

Photo: Getty Images

Six months after kicking New York filmmaker Jon Levine to the curb and dumping his sly slasher movie All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Harvey Weinstein hunted down Levine at his post-premiere after-party to kiss, make up, and make a play for Levine's coming-of-age tale The Wackness. "He's Harvey, he's scary, and I was wasted," Levine told us the following day. "But I'm not the type of person to hold a grudge. What am I going to do, start airing my grievances at my party?"

No official word yet on a deal for Wackness, one of the few Sundance films execs from Warner Independent to ThinkFilm enjoyed. But Levine adroitly wouldn't rule out Weinstein, despite close to six months of fighting with Harvey over the director's refusal to cut the film’s gore. By last August, with Weinstein prepared to dump the film, Levine and his producers bought back All the Boys with plans for spring 2008 release. Levine laughed off the idea of exacting sweet revenge by charging Weinstein Company more for The Wackness. "Listen," he said, "Harvey's not on my speed dial, but he said he liked my movie and he's got really good taste." —Steve Ramos