Charlize Theron Will Always Remember That Guy Who Made the Sandwich

Photo: Getty Images

"I always think that when I'm on my deathbed I don't ever want to remember what any movie made at the box office. But I know I will remember that one grip's face or that caterer who made an amazing grilled-cheese sandwich." Charlize Theron on not forgetting the little people [EW]

"It's a futuristic video. When the treatment was written, it was supposed to be the year 2030; I think it's even further than that. It looks like 3000!" Lil Mama, who has a pretty good grasp on what the future looks like, on the music video for "Shawty Get Loose" [MTV]

"Yeah, 'He's at a Starbucks, and he's having a falafel! Quick!'" Morgan Spurlock on what he'd tell the CIA if he found Osama bin Laden [MTV]

"Sadly, having to listen to celebrities talk about politics and social issues is people's punishment for following their relationships in the news and masturbating to the sound of their lives falling apart." Eugene Mirman, who's participating in a comedy fund-raiser for Barack Obama [Gothamist]

"It's a brain game, like chess. It's like an extension of checkers. It's like chess and checkers put together." Consequence on his epic Connect Four battles with Jay-Z [MTV]