Is David Simon Taking Time Off ‘The Wire’ to Write Angry Letters to the ‘Daily News’?

Photo: Courtesy of the Daily News

This morning's Daily News features the above letter from David Simon, "a TV and film writer for more than 25 years," decrying the release of Andrew Piddington's movie The Killing of John Lennon, about assassin Mark David Chapman. A colleague sent it to us, asking, "Could this possibly be the same David Simon?" We wondered, too — doesn't he have better things to do?

We're pretty sure this is a different David Simon for the following reasons:

1. Doesn't The Wire's David Simon live in Baltimore, not Dobbs Ferry?

2. Wouldn't David Simon have the exact opposite opinion on this subject?

3. Hasn't David Simon only been a TV and movie writer for only fifteen years, since Homicide?

4. Isn't David Simon smart enough not to begin his letter with a blowhard-y "As a film and TV writer for more than 25 years…"?

Based on all the evidence, we think it's this David Simon, who wrote one episode of Charles in Charge in 1984. Or at least we hope so.