Just Because Tommy Chong Is High Right Now Doesn't Mean He Can't Fix the Economy

Photo: Getty Images

"I love it when they say that. 'Are you high right now, Tommy Chong? What are you thinking?' I am high, as a matter of fact. I stay as high as I can now. But I do have a plan for the country." Tommy Chong [A.V. Club]

''I'm not Julia Roberts. And I could have been.'' Sean Young [EW]

"For some people, 'self-indulgent' is a criticism. For me, it's a huge compliment. I'm in this to be self-indulgent. I have no idea what I'm doing." —The Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez-Lopez [A.V. Club]

"His phone number is on my phone, and he's waiting for me to call him to do something together. Why haven't I called him? I'm too intimidated. I'm star-struck. He's like a huge, giant rock star, and I've listened his albums thousands of times. Why wouldn't I be intimidated by him?" Michael Showalter on John Mayer [A.V. Club]

"As for Taco Bell, I would never go on TV and promote some product I think is crap, but no one assumes that. But I don't think people think Joe Jackson eats Taco Bell." Joe Jackson on "One More Time" appearing in a Taco Bell commercial [MSNBC]