‘Justice League’ Movie on Indefinite Hold; Crappy Cast to Sit Tight for a While

Photo: Photo Illustration: Getty Images

Today comes news likely devastate millions of Adam Brody fans the world throughout: Warner Bros. is putting the brakes on George Miller's planned Justice League movie and has released its cost-effective cast — which was to include Brody as the Flash, along with even less expensive actors like Armie Hammer Jr. as Batman and Megan Gale as Wonder Woman — from their contracts. According to Variety, the reason for the "indefinite" hold is Warner's inability to shrink the budget even more by procuring tax breaks from Australia, where they'd intended to shoot. Also, the script "would benefit from a little more work," and that won't be possible until the WGA strike is resolved (or until smart, screenwriting unicorns freely roam the earth, which actually seems more realistic).

Warner says they do still plan to make Justice League someday; they just aren't certain when. Variety notes the studio risks losing its actors to other projects, but that when the film happens, all will probably appear, since the odds of them finding other comparable jobs are almost as bad as Warner's of finding cheaper actors.

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