Kate Nash, Who Is Not Lily Allen, Performs Live

Clearly brandishing a lot of 'tude: Nash earlier this week. Photo: Getty Images

“Here in New York, all the people have attitude,” Kate Nash whispered into her mike last night, casting an expectant hush over a packed Bowery Ballroom — one that was met, predictably enough, with “This is for all the people with attitude,” and the opening notes of her near-anthemic breakup ballad “Dickhead.” People keep comparing Nash to Lily Allen — presumably because they're both cute, British, and doomed to the margins of the American pop scene — but despite a sometimes similarly ska-boppy sound, Nash does not share Allen's cockiness. Whatever she lacked in attitude, though, she made up for in energy, howling lyrics and pounding at her keyboard, and she exuded a wry knowingness. So when some actual dickhead in the audience shouted, “Go on, you mad bitch!” you could kinda see where he was coming from. —Michael D. Ayers