Leaked: New Lenny Kravitz Album Is Pretty Much What You Were Expecting

Photo: Courtesy of Virgin Records

Lenny Kravitz, It Is Time for a Love Revolution

Official release date: February 5

We think: First, let it be said that it wasn't inconceivable that Lenny Kravitz could've surprised here us with a decent album — he'd gone four records without having a single idea, and we figured he might be due. Sadly, no. Love Revolution is just more plodding, mid-tempo seventies rehash with dull hooks and lyrics so bad they might make your ears nauseous ("You are my life and my passion / That never goes out of fashion," "It's getting heavy / But I am ready / To take on this world and rock steady," etc.). Particularly egregious are the "Miss You" rewrite "Dancin' Till Dawn" and the limp protest anthem "Back in Vietnam." Even if you were still a fan, this probably isn't worth the space on your hard drive.