MC Hammer's New Website Will Finally Allow People to Embarrass Themselves on the Internet

Photo: Bernhard Kuhmstedt / Retna

Nineties rap superstar MC Hammer has founded his very own Web 2.0 start-up designed to allow users to share videos of themselves dancing on the Internet. Even more amazing? That sentence was not written using Mad Libs! Hammer is expected to launch DanceJam in full later this month, but, for now, you can set up an account and upload 30-second clips of yourself (which this Vulture editor feels is far too short to give the proper, full effect of our break-dancing abilities, but whatever). The site has lots of Web 2.0–y things like AJAX, and it looks like he put at least as much work into it as he did his seminal 1990 album, Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em, — we're just not totally sure why it needs to exist in the first place, as we thought YouTube pretty much had the market cornered on the sharing of embarrassing videos. But we bet someone will explain it to us after the site becomes more popular than Facebook and Google buys it for $10 billion.

DanceJam [Official]