Michel Gondry Creates the Most Meta Movie Trailer of All Time

Be Kind Sweded: Michel Gondry has made a crappy, lo-fi version of the trailer for his forthcoming VHS comedy Be Kind Rewind, a film about video-store employees creating crappy, lo-fi version of movies they've accidentally erased. OUR HEADS JUST EXPLODED. [Fimoculous]

Blur and Oasis Squash Beef, Make Cheese: Britain's Daily Star is reporting that members of Blur and Oasis have put their differences aside and created their own cheese which will be "edible symbol of their new comradeship." Surely this is made up, but if it isn't, then it is awesome. [Daily Star]

QED Pays for Bush: Oliver Stone has secured a $25 million budget for his upcoming film about the life of President Bush through production company QED. [Variety]

Want to See Video of a Drunk Sean Young Heckling Julian Schnabel? Of course you do. [Daily Intel]

Once Not Getting Screwed After All: Amid fears that "Falling Slowly" from Once could be barred from the Oscars' Best Original Song category over of a technicality, the Academy has given the track the okay, meaning it's now eligible to lose to some crap from Enchanted. [Carpetbagger/NYT]