Mike Huckabee Gives Stephen Colbert His Funniest Interview So Far

Vulture-approved presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee crossed picket lines (via satellite) to appear on The ColberT ReporT last night, and for all those curious — and until Viacom sues it off YouTube — here's the video. Yes, he was funnier than Leno last Wednesday and got more laughs than Letterman on Monday, but how would he stand up to the bullshit-melting forces of a Colbert interview? As you'll recall, on a previous hilarious appearance, Huckabee offered to make Colbert his running mate, but that was back when everyone thought he was too crazy to be a real contender. Happily, though, none of his increased attention has cost him his willingness to say things that will surely destroy his chances in the general election; he calls evolution "a farce," says he finances his campaign running illegal guns, and pledges to "storm hell with a water pistol" to catch Osama bin Laden. Which other candidate will protect us from the terrorists and make us laugh? Mike Huckabee for President of Earth!

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