See the ‘Cloverfield’ Monster! For a Second! Part of It, Anyway!

With just under a week to go until the release of January's most anticipated movie about a huge monster attacking Manhattan, we're pretty shocked that not one single person on the whole Internet has yet managed to provide us with a decent picture of Cloverfield's de facto star (the huge monster); obviously the security at preview screenings is more stringent than that on the film's set. So, until something better comes along, our friends at /Film have alerted us to this new TV ad, which offers a second-long obstructed view of the monster growling. Or belching, we can't quite tell. Is that a leg? Or its head? We'd probably be terrified, if only we knew what we were looking at.

Surely J.J. Abrams doesn't expect us to wait until next weekend to see this creature in full — doesn't anyone own a camera phone?

New Cloverfield TV Ad Shows New Clip of the Monster [/Film]