Stewart and Colbert Return! But Will They Be Any Good?

Photo: Photos: Getty Images

Tonight marks the triumphant (?), writerless return of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert after a two-month absence from late night. Comedy Central probably realized that, with Leno and Letterman back on the air, reruns of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report would face stiffer competition for the attention of lovers of months-old political humor and demanded that they come back. Will they be huge disasters? Or will Stewart and Colbert pull through and prove, once and for all, that writers are completely unnecessary? Can they book decent guests? No word yet on whom Colbert will be interviewing, but tonight The Daily Show plays host to conflict-resolution specialist Ronald Seeber, who will presumably field questions about why he's not yet managed to end the writers' strike. Check back tomorrow morning for our blanket coverage!