Tensions, Rock Stars High at ‘Spin’-Magazine Show

Jesse Hughes rocks through an awful toothache. Photo: Getty Images

Albino indie-rapper Brother Ali kicked off the Spin magazine's Year in Music party last night with his usual anti-corporate flows, which proved a little awkward for his hosts. “Fuck the magazines,” he said, before clarifying. “I don't mean Spin magazine — but fuck those magazines that didn't put my picture in 'em.” Later, as publisher Malcolm Campbell introduced the Eagles of Death Metal, he gave a nod to the show's corporate sponsors. Somebody, though, must not have liked their Bushmills, because a cupful of it nearly soaked front man Jesse Hughes as he launched into “Bad Dream Mama.” A volley of ice cubes followed. “Did someone throw a drink?” Hughes roared — then added, more meekly, “It was not my fault.” Backstage, he seemed to take it all in stride. “With a special-invite crowd like this, you can't expect too much,” he reflected, rolling a joint as a cigarette still dangled from his lips. “I just came to shake my dick, y'know?” —Alex Littlefield