‘The L Word’ ain’t ‘The Wire,’ but we’re excited it’s back!

It pains us to invoke the Sex and the City in the context of this perfectly original show, but can we just point out that The L Word’s glam, powerful, and, yes, horny leading ladies make Carrie Bradshaw and her friends look positively Victorian? They don't even need men! The new season promises Turkish oil wrestling (lesbian, natch), a pot-brownie party, and surely loads of even trashier stuff, along with Marlee Matlin, Cybill Shepherd, and her daughter as the sapphically stricken guest stars we’ve grown to love. And, yeah, Bette and Tina might get back together. Watch it with friends at Pacha, where Go magazine is putting on their annual premiere-screening party.

The L Word


Jan. 6

9 p.m.