Week in Review: Welcome to Hollywood, Baby

The return of American Idol seemed likely, for one brief moment, to save Hollywood. But no such luck. Happily, the show itself was still fodder for discussion, mostly in the form of pie charts. So maybe Cloverfield can save Hollywood even as it destroys New York? Well, we'll see: This might have been the monster, but it turns out this was. (We're still waiting to find out whether this is Teeth's dentata.) Moviegoers and the cast are excited about the movie; we're just worried about the liberties it takes with New York City's subway system.

What else could save Hollywood? Not the Justice League, but maybe Karen O. Not Tom Cruise, but maybe the Directors Guild. Not steroids, but maybe Oprah. And not one little punctuation mark, but maybe two big Harry Potter movies. Or maybe the Oscars! We have some thoughts about who should be nominated, and some guesses about who will be nominated. (Surely we're wrong all around.)

Vanessa Beecroft is getting killed at Sundance. Rent is completely over. And, most important, Eli Manning — with or without Jerry Seinfeld's help — is going down. Go. Pack. Go.