WGA Allows Writers to Work on Grammys; Awards Show to Be No Worse Than Usual

Photo: Photos: Getty Images, courtesy of the Recording Academy

This morning brings news that the Writers Guild has allowed an interim deal for the February 10 Grammy Awards ceremony — not only will the WGA not picket the event, they'll also allow scribes to work on the show. We have no idea what they'll actually write, since we thought the Grammys were just three hours of nonsensical bling-fueled idiocy, but at least this train wreck will be scripted.

Of slightly more interest is the recent announcement that Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones will join Dave Grohl and "contest-winning amateur musicians" for a performance of the Foos' single "The Pretender." Yes, we know that they're really auditioning hopeful instrumentalists on YouTube, but might the "contest winners" actually turn out to be Jimmy Page and Robert Plant? Probably not, since the Grammys typically deliver nothing but endless disappointment — but there's a chance! While we're definitely not advising you to watch the awards, you might want to check back here on February 11, just in case something turns up on YouTube.

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