Why Was Thurston Moore Performing Without His Wedding Ring?

Moore plays an eardrum-bursting set. Photo: Edd Westmacott / Retna

Playing in a lineup with abrasive young rockers from his Ecstatic Peace! record label last night at the Knitting Factory, forever young Sonic Youth–er Thurston Moore thrashed, jammed, and summoned feedback — from an acoustic guitar. The solemn-sounding “Honest James,” for one, got heavy, sweaty, and fast, with Moore squeezing his eyes shut even though they were well guarded by a fringe of hair. As the night closed, he pulled a ring out from his jeans pocket. “This is my wedding ring,” said Moore, ever the family-oriented rock star. “But it causes too much friction on my fourth finger with the acoustic for some reason.” People took the tender moment as an opportunity to shout out questions, “When’s the next album coming out?” among them. “There are albums coming out every day. Which one are you specifically referring to?” Moore replied. So, yeah, he's not mellowing anytime soon. —Michael D. Ayers