You'd Think We'd Be Sick of That iPod Song By Now, But We're Still Not!

Photo: Getty Images

1. Feist feat. Grizzly Bear, "1234 (live on the Today Show)"
Feist performs her iPod song with the members of Grizzly Bear backing her for an extremely unhip Today Show. It appears as if the video was recorded in one take. [Culture Bully]

2. Speech Defect, "Blast Off for Kicksville"
Not content with simply dominating pop music, the Swedes have decided to start making catchy, kick-ass hip hop also. [Imageyenation]

3. Buddy Akai, "Cut Me Up (Villains Remix)"
The Villains are the heroes on this remix, transforming a fairly standard post-punk track into a chunky, propulsive, Basement Jaxx-style club number. [Big Stereo]

4. Animal Collective, "Song For Ariel (live)"
This is a brand-new Animal Collective song performed live late last year. Is it any good? Let's just say that we're betting they chose to debut it in France because they don't have an extradition treaty with the U.S. [Music Slut]

5. Bell, "Videotape/The Eraser"
Russian-born Olga Bell performs a decidedly compelling Thom Yorke medley, combining a Radiohead track with one from his 2006 solo album. We wonder if Thom will let her name her own price for the sampling rights. [Pitchfork]
—Ehren Gresehover