André 3000 Hopes He Doesn't End Up Having an Ugly Album

Photo: WireImage

"I have a few [titles] dancing around in the head. It's like, you may have a name for a kid, but when it's there or it's close to it, you kind of know what it's gonna be or what it looks like." André 3000 on titles for his new album [MTV]

"He's a magpie, but he doesn't go for the shiny things — he goes for the busted tin can and the three-legged dog." Kate Beckinsale on director David Gordon Green [LAT]

"Art should be free. Besides, a band in our position isn't going to go gold even if it's the best music we've ever made." —Big Head Todd and the Monsters front man Todd Park Mohr on the reality of being in a mediocre band [NYP]

"The RZA has an unbelievable vision. And he loves raggedy-ass vocals. I mean it took one take to do my part. I was like I'm just warming up and he was like it's a wrap." Erykah Badu on recording with the Wu-Tang Clan [NYP]

"The perception of Canada when we tour internationally … People are like, 'Oh, Canada! You all ride unicorns! And you have a prime minister that gives birth to you!'" Tegan Quin [Guardian]